April 3rd, 2007


New community...

No, not my fault. Honest.

I'm sure there will be people reading this who might reasonaby be expected to take an interest in this new community, "The Short Goth Girls Mafia". Some of you might even wish to join.


(Tall girls, non-goths, people not in the Mafia -- have no fear, I still like you too)

Eastercon Schedule, 5th to 10th April

For ease of reference, for myself and my stalkers, this is what I'm doing for the forthcoming convention:

Driving up with seph_hazard, watervole and exalted_mugwump. Probably arriving mid-afternoon. Booking into the Crowne Plaza in Chester.
Attending emergency substitute Tun in the hotel bar.

19:00 Dinner with assorted Sheffield not-just-Sheffield fans, as organised by Julia (WiNoLJ).
23:00 Programme Item "I'm Sorry I Haven't an SF-ing Clue".

19:00 Programme Item "Doctor Who".
22:00 Programme Item "Bad people Bad sex Bad Wolf".
23:00 Programme Item "First Fumblings".

09:00 Programme Item "Songs of Praise".
22:00 Programme Item "Obscene Filk Workshop".

Goodness me, I seem not to be programmed for anything on Monday.

Driving home again, probably with the same passengers. Going to bed.