May 5th, 2007



You remember how I'm avoiding unnecessary stresses in my life at the moment?

I was appointed Scribe Nehemiah last night. This means that, all things being equal, in the run-up to the next council elections I'll be sweating over installing my successor as Z, which might be happening on 6th May 2011. (I'd previously done SN, J and H but not Z or IPZ, a while ago -- a process that was interrupted by things that were going on with scarlatti and me.)

If you didn't understand that previous paragraph... well, let's say that it doesn't qualify as "avoiding unnecessary stresses".


In other news, I'm off to Wyvern Lodge Ladies Festival tonight, in Leicester. See some of you there.

Bad Joke Alert

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions for a lonely lesbian looking for something interesting to do in the Welsh borders?

Small prize for anyone who guesses the punchline. Cash value of prize: 0.00001p