June 11th, 2007


The weekend... Julia and her parents.

Julia's been spending a couple of weeks at her parents' house, and on Thursday I went over to spend the weekend with her/them. On Thursday evening we went to the Tun, where we met some of you lot.

Since then Julia and I have been spending some quality time together. It's been good. I should point out (for those that were worrying that I was sharing too much) that this exchange took place after we'd spent all day Friday walking around a museum, and Julia was suffering on Saturday morning with sore hips.

Julia's father seems rather to have taken to me. I think it's something to do with wearing a nice shirt when first I met him, and standing up to shake his hand and calling him "Sir" when we were introduced to each other. He has a sense of humour: Julia's mother has been ill, and has only just returned home from a stay in hospital. On Sunday morning he said to her "Church? You can't go to church, they'll stop praying for you."

On Sunday afternoon the house was full of siblings, siblings-in-law and nieces/nephews. Although I've met Julia's sister before I've met none of the others that I recall, but it seemed to go okay.

At the end of the weekend I apologised to Julia's father for rather monopolising his daughter's time, and he said "I expected nothing less". I just about managed to avoid doing this.

Julia is back home now, for further adventures that she can tell you about if I manage to persuade her to start using LJ, and I'm back to mucking around with computers. We don't get to see each other again until Friday, and it's far too long to wait. Ah well.

ZZ9 Calendar

I renewed my membership of ZZ9 at Eastercon, as is my habit. When later I received my copy of MH 104, it had the "Your ZZ9 membership expired with the last issue of Mostly Harmless" edition of the renewal form enclosed. Time for an email to the committee.

Now I'm reading the diary page.

16th June -- Towel Picnic in Nottingham. Clashes with Day of the Teledu, also in Nottingham, and with the BSFA/SFF AGMs in Sheffield. So I'll miss it.

14th July -- Beeblebears Picnic in London. Clashes with a birthday party in Wiltshire. So I'll miss it.

20th-22nd July -- ConTent II in Cornwall. Clashes with Year of the Teledu in Leicester. So I'll miss it.

18th August -- ZZ9 Party for the 25th anniversary of LTUAE, in Nottingham. Clashes with a wedding reception in London. So I'll miss it.

25th August -- HHG / B7 Supersoaker fight in Dorset. Carefully organised not to clash with anything, AFAIK. Looking forward to seeing some of you there. Didn't get listed in the club magazine. *sigh* Paging the editor -- can we please ensure it gets listed in the next issue, assuming it's published before the event, even if the meetings organiser doesn't tell you about it?

Am keeping 1st September (Cambridge Slouch) and 6th October (book launch) free...
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