June 12th, 2007


Potential PhD thesis titles?

With thanks to brisingamen, who links to the amazing and incredible, only-slightly-laughable Politically Unassailable, PoMo English Title Generator, which suggests the following titles:
  • Marginalizing the Oppressive Madness in Douglas Spencer: Pure Cussedness and Pleasure
  • Merging Nationalism: Ablist Flight in Douglas Spencer's Pure Cussedness
  • The Penile Producing The Lesbian: Douglas Spencer, Pure Cussedness and Ideology
  • Douglas Spencer Questioning Corporeality: Pure Cussedness and the Fury of Penetration
  • The Lesbian Nationalizing The Primitive: Douglas Spencer, Pure Cussedness and Degeneration

So which of those do you think I should write first?

Spam from Sheffield Hallam

Here's a brief unscientific survey.

[ lj-poll-1001884 redacted -- 9 out of 43 self-selecting respondents replied "yes" to a question about whether they'd received spam from Sheffield Hallam University ]

In unrelated news, her LJ profile page says "I will probably drive most of my existing online friends away with constant questions and polls and theories"...

Spam from Sheffield Hallam, redux

[real name redacted] is suebeedoo.

At the head of her journal, she writes:
    I am researching the motivations for communicating online.
    If I post publically about the above, it is likely that I will use the post and any comments as fieldwork to my research. If I do use it, I won't use names and when my thesis is submitted, the post will be made private.
    In the past I have attempted to contact everyone who has made valuable comments that I may wish to use. This kind of replaces that. If you don't wish your comments to be part of my research, please do not comment. If you wish to comment anonymously, you can.

So if you comment to her journal, she can quote you without restriction and without seeking further permission -- be warned.

She's posted an explanation here, but her journal style means that the above I-can-do-what-I-like-and-you-can't-stop-me statement doesn't appear on that page.

For a living, I kill the ability of spammers to spam. She's very lucky indeed that she didn't email me. Edit: Clearly the previous version of this paragraph had enough metaphor to confuse stupid people.

Edit: She's currently changed that warning to "If I wish to use any of the information within your comments on my posts I will of course obtain permission before doing do" [sic] -- you might want to check before you comment in future.