July 14th, 2007


Dead server

Argh, my 2003 server at home has died... and I'm not going to have time to rebuild/reinstall/restore until Tuesday or so. Boo.

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Fortunately my email is hosted on a different machine, and is unaffected. Also the Stepson has his own server, so he's likely not to notice.

Pottering, Party, but no picnic

I'm off out shortly to do various vital errands, culminating later this afternoon in attendance at purple_peril's birthday party, where I'm sure I'll see some of you. The one-line summary that my calendar application places on my PDA's front page said "Party (Wilts)" for a while, before I edited it to say something more informative.

Others will be at the Beeblebear's Picnic in London -- I hope you all have a good time, sorry I won't be able to make it.