October 20th, 2007


Extra clumsy today

I could have dropped a glass. I could have dropped a plate.

But oh no. I dropped a plate onto a glass, breaking both of them... and had the pieces land inside the case of an old PC I was trying to work on.

Fortunately the plate and glass were both empty.

In other news, earlier today I tried to drive to Reading and accidentally turned onto the M4 instead of going straight across it.

Further evidence that I'm not very well...

Cognitive function is dimished during illness.


Earlier today, in Friend One's journal, Friend Two suggested that Friend One had been absent-mindedly sucking her pens.

Which I misread as "penis"... and it took me several seconds, not only to realise that this was wrong, but also to realise why it had to be wrong.

And just now, in a scrabble game, Friend Three has played "faceting".

Which I misread as "facesitting", and I was confused because I know that "facesitting" isn't in the SOWPODS dictionary (it would have to be hyphenated, which isn't allowed).

They say these things come in threes (fnarr) so I'm trying to stay alert.