November 23rd, 2007

unhappy mac

Question about MacOSX Dock icons

I'm setting up a load of PCs on a network, something I've done many times before ... and one new Mac, something with which I'm rather less familiar.

On this Mac I've now installed some applications, and they've turned up as anticipated in the Applications folder.

Now, how do I make their launch icons appear in the dock? And how do I make that appearance become default behaviour for any new users who log in? (it's inheriting user account data from an active directory domain).

Answers of the form "click on this, then click on that ..." are acceptable, but so also are answers of the form "open a terminal window, and ..." or "create a domain group policy object, and ...".

Thanks in advance.
Unlucky, Consonants


Since people on my FL are posting about Scrabulous...

DougS: * plays "feck" *

Fran: That's never a real word...

Ang: Maybe we are playing the official Bacon word list. I look forward to "mhinge"

DougS: I can't do "mhinge" but I can do "jiz"

DougS: * plays "jiz" *

Fran: If anyone mentions corsets I'm going home.
Fran: Oh, I am home.

Ang: Result!