January 24th, 2008



  • I have photographs of Richard's Ford Prefect. I'm not sure they'll be very good (mobile phone) but I'll upload them later for those of you who enjoy such things.

  • I went to the dentist's yesterday -- I'm going back for a half-hour session on Feb 7th and an hour on March 6th. One extraction and one root-filling-and-crown to be done.

  • I went to the BSFA meeting last night -- Rob Holdstock is convinced we've met/spoken before but neither of us can work out when -- probably an Eastercon or Novacon.

  • Having purchased some haggis for tomorrow, I now learn that at the Installation I'm going to on Saturday they're also intending to serve haggis.

  • I have today found a poster of Donald Duck which makes it look like he's fisting himself.