February 5th, 2008


For I Have Seen The Kittens And They Are Cute

After a day in Balham Streatham with Ben, playing with Squid and DansGuardian (just Google both terms simultaneously), I've had an evening with seph_hazard eating pancakes and talking to kittens.

The evening was rather more fun than the day (sorry Ben). Ben made me look at his baby, Seph let me look at her kittens. The kittens had more conversation and were more alert, and hadn't just shat all over their mother while she was out.

flick assisted with kitten-wrangling, she and drplokta both assisted with pancake-wrangling. hawkida took photos of the kittens. Both kittens climbed on me and stood on my shoulders. Other people were in attendance, there was discussion of Primaries and how Scrabble would go faster with extra K.

Did I mention that there were kittens?