March 25th, 2008


Instead of Orbital...

As you'll have spotted, I wasn't at Eastercon this year.

Instead, on Thursday afternoon I drove up to Sheffield for a night with julia_winolj, and on Friday we both went up to Durham for a weekend away together in celebration of her recent birthday. I found a very nice hotel next to the river a couple of yards outside the city (and therefore within an easy walk of the cathedral and castle), and we had a couple of days doing the tourist bit. It was lovely.

I took Julia to the 11:15 service at the cathedral on Easter morning, and a fighting-talk sermon from Tom Wright. He and I have a record of disagreeing with each other on a number of topics, but on this occasion he had a few things to say that I could reasonably have said myself. Julia, however, was more interested in what the liturgically-correct earrings should be.

There were a startling number of Easter eggs hidden around the hotel room on the day. And one of the eggs came with a Dalek sound effect that might find its way into something else later.

Monday I drove Julia back home to Sheffield and today I left her there and came home. It was a good weekend.

Even if it has left me all worn out.