March 29th, 2008


Today was mostly good...

ZZ9 EGM today.

I arrived at the pub before the rain started, and they were selling nice beer.

The EGM was interesting and entertaining, and ZZ9 have survived with the elected committee positions regularised and the accounts adopted, which was exactly what we were hoping to achieve.

However I may have found myself coopted to do some of the things normally handled by the Membership Secretary, a post which is currently vacant. Oops.

The rain stopped before I left the pub.

John had asked me to take him out for a doughnut, and we couldn't quite work out whether it was an inuendo or not. Instead he and I, accompanied by Flick and Mike, went off to a restaurant in Chinatown where I ate something very large and very inexpensive while everyone else chose less wisely.

Later still Mike showed us where John could buy some doughnuts, but they only had a few of the plain ones left and none with custard in.

And then we all went home.