April 14th, 2008


Good weekend, bad weekend...

I took julia_winolj to my mother's for the weekend.

We played some Scrabble...

Mum: Does A F make a word?
Me: No ... but you can have F A.
Mum: I don't want F A.
Me: It sounds like you haven't got F A.

Oh, how we laughed.

Also, my brother has added some lettering to the front and rear windows of his Ford Prefect:
Collapse )

In other news, almost a grand (€1200, converted to Sterling) has disappeared from my current account in a transaction I didn't authorise. The culprit is a company that's easy to Google (leading to page upon page of people complaining about fraud). So I've told the bank and had my card stopped, but it'll be a week before the new one arrives... and a week before they finish investigating and decide whether or not they'll reverse the transaction.