May 20th, 2008


A recent exchange...

In comments to a post about how it's important and/or helpful to be "out"...
    S: I think I do particularly well in the social role of "mostly likable and well-meaning non-scary local eccentric", and I think I tend to play that up in some ways, because it really makes conversation so much more possible.

    Me: Holy shit. My core technique for functioning adequately in society has been rumbled.

    S: *giggle* It's remarkably effective, isn't it?

QWP from a friends-locked post.

Eurovision liveblogging

Notes while watching the first semi-final.

20:16 -- I definitely want Estonia to go through.

20:32 -- Actually, Azerbaijan looks entertaining too.

20:48 -- Despite their best intentions, Ireland may have an outside chance of winning. D'oh!

20:52 -- Andorra has a nice outfit...

20:56 -- Don't want to meet the singer from Bosnia & Herzegovina anytime there are sharp objects within range. Or blunt objects.

21:07 -- Finland have Got It Right again.

Also, far too many acts have done the change-outfit-half-way-through thing, and it's getting old.

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