March 5th, 2009


Excitement, for those excited by such things

Here at Bracknell Station, great things have been afoot for many months... and now, at last, the new lifts and bridge are open and we have step-free access to all platforms for the first time ever.

Now when I get home late and I'm tired and hurty I can get from the down platform to the exit without taxing my poor old knees.


A helpfull message for those confused at the Tun

I've been at the Tun, and many people are confused.

To those who asked what I was doing ths weekend, and to whom I mentioned a visit to the Yorkshire Playhouse: this was not a reference to julia_winolj's house, but rather a theatre in Leeds where Lenny Henry is playing Othello.

To those who asked what I was doing at Eastercon, and to whom I made reference to "sex, pain and chocolate": the sex panel is a turkey-reading of poorly-written sex scenes in SF; the pain panel is a Violet Wand demonstration; and the cocolate thing is a major event including a talk on the science and history of chocolate

To those who read, and were confused or intrigued by, my t-shirt: see