April 8th, 2009


Feedback from today's client

I went to see the girls and boys at Client-in-Windsor earlier today, to provide additional configuration and training following their recent roll-out of Office 2007.

Jennie just emailed me as follows:
    I particularly like my new macro and I demonstrated to Alastair how his name appears if I click on his head. He enjoyed that.
I'm now picturing that sequence of events...

My Eastercon Schedule

You can download the whole programme for Eastercon LX from the LX2009.com website (click), but to save you trawling through it looking for me, I'll summarise my appearances here.

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Please be sure to bring some awful SF+F sex scenes with you for the four of us to read out otherwise there'll only be things out of my collection and you really don't want that. Likewise, please be sure to bring along some chocolate to swap otherwise there'll only be my extra-healthy raw cocoa and cashew chilli truffles. You don't need to bring anything other than yourselves for the Violet Wand talk, because we can make your body produce endorphins without any other kit.

Past and Forthcoming Conventions

Looks like Eastercon LX will be my fortieth convention (leaving aside one-day conventions such as Dangercon and Picocon, and domestically-hosted weekends).

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Possible future conventions:

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That's probably enough to be getting on with. It rather looks as if I might be spending my 42nd convention with Sproutlore types, which is slightly counter-intuitive.

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