June 29th, 2009

broken down, car

Car misbehaving...

My car has developed an electrical fault. It still goes, but it claims to have no ABS and no airbags, and it can't work out how hard to blow the fans.

It's booked in for Monday morning, the 6th. I may be doing more walking than usual over the next few days.
Dougal McSporran

They say it goes in threes...

First, the electronics goes wrong on my car. ("My car crashed" -- "Have you tried rebooting it?" -- "Yeah -- it works fine for about four minutes then it crashes again")

Then my cable TV and cable Internet -- two separate lines feeding two separate units from two allegedly independent feeds -- both go down simultaneously. And the call centre tell me that my STB and my CM both developed a fault, independently and simultaneously, and they each need a site visit from an engineer, both of which can be done simultaneously by the same bloke. He's booked for Thursday morning. 45 minutes later I get two simultaneous (yet independent) text messages telling me that the fault is regional, not local, and they're cancelling my bi-capable engineer. Meanwhile I'm posting by handset.

And now I discover that my DrUId has a failing hard disk. Not that I'll lose anything, since the disk is only used for cacheing, and not that I can use it when I'm offline, but anyway. Boo.