July 24th, 2009

Corruptor of Souls

Fanfic pairings: unfortunate contractions

There's a shorthand in common use amongst certain groups of fanfic writers whereby they take the pairing they're writing ("Jack/Ianto", say) and contract the two names to give them a name for the pairing ("Janto", in this case).

It seems to me that occasionally you'll come up with an unfortunate result from this conflation... I'm thinking of Snape/Potter ("Snotter"), Mulcahy/Winchester ("Mulchester"), and Spock/Uhura ("Spuhura") as examples.

Can anyone arrive at any other particularly unpleasant contractions?

Further news on the car

So we left off at that part of our narrative where I was going to have to pay £3000 for a new gearbox, or fork out rather more for a new car.

I've been speaking to my brother Richard (whom some of you will have met), who knows quite a bit about cars. It seems that his son's garage have someone in Plymouth who rebuilds gearboxes for them, for a very much more sensible price.

So on Monday I'm taking the car down to Devon and leaving it in Richard's care. They'll take the gearbox out of the car, send it down to their man in Plymouth who will rebuild it and send it back, and then they'll re-fit it into my car. All this for just a touch under a grand.


Watch this space for further news.