August 20th, 2009


Croisssant review


Normally I shop in Sainsbury's, where the croissants-in-a-can are made by "Sara Lee" at £1.49 for a can of four (240g).

Recently a new branch of Aldi has opened nearby, where the croissants-in-a-can are made by "Continental Choice" at £0.89 for a can of six (also 240g).

Now I discover that the Aldi croissants seem to be just croissant-shaped bits of bread, and not croissants at all -- they're a huge disappointment.

Don't buy "Continental Choice" croissants-in-a-can. Doesn't matter how cheap they are, it's still not worth it.

I'm going to have a cream-filled apple turnover now. From Sainsbury's.

Medical Matters

Why am I having a meal comprising chiefly croissants and apple turnovers?

Because I can.

I went to my Doctor the other day (for the first time in about six years) to talk to him about my knee.

Before the visit, I confidently predicted that he'd instruct me to lose weight. While I was there he asked me what my height (1.78m) and weight (117Kg) were, which he typed into his little computer, and he measured my blood pressure (120/80 mmHg) which he said was "excellent". And he didn't tell me to lose weight at all.

Hence the croissants and apple turnovers.

(I've had an X-ray of the knee, and we talk again next week sometime)