September 4th, 2009


Masonic Activity

Two nights out this week. Two!

Last night I was at the consecration of a new lodge, Be Prepared Lodge no. 9845. I've not been to a consecration before, so it was interesting and entertaining. About 300 people in the main room at Sindlesham, and about 280 dining afterwards.

Tonight I was at St Cecelia's Chapter RC, which was quite different -- about 20 members and 5 visitors.

Very different meetings, but both lots of fun. Hurrah!

One of my oldest friends in Masonry has been very ill. Ed (who I haven't seen for about three months) had a stroke about a month ago, and is now very nearly completely deaf, very disoriented all the time, and very clumsy. He's making a recovery, but a very slow and very difficult one. He was at the meeting tonight, but was having a hard time enjoying it because he wasn't really clear about what was going on. And he dropped a nearly-full pint of beer. Boo.

OSs are like sex...

Reposting from elsewhere:

Heard yesterday...
Unnamed Windows user: "Operating systems are like sex."
Unnamed Linux user: "In your case, that's probably true. Your favorite experiences happened when you paid for it."