October 22nd, 2009


That Asda story in full

Yesterday lunchtime some of you will have seen me tweeting "Asda are too stupid to have me as a customer.".

Now I've got a bit more time, so I've just gone to the Contact Asda page, and wrote (amongst other stuff) the following:
    I wanted to buy two twelve-packs of 200mg ibuprofen and a ten-pack of Beechams hot lemon, and was refused at the checkout with the till giving the message "limit:2". It's correct that there's a limit (by law) of two packets of ibuprofen, but there aren't any ingredients in common between the ibuprofen and the Beechams, and no reason in law why the two shouldn't be sold in combination. Apparently, to be an Asda customer, I have to choose between painful knees and painful sinuses, and can't solve both problems at once. This took place at Atlantic Village, Bideford -- but your staff there told me that it was a group-wide policy brought in to satisfy the relevant law. In fact your policy has misread the law concerned. I wonder if I should simply shop with some other retailer?

I left them with a basket full of other goods at the checkout, because one of the symptoms of being unwell is lack of patience. Were I in better condition, I'd have gone through the appropriate channels at the customer service desk in-store, but of course in such circumstances I wouldn't be seeking to buy two different medicines at once.


I've just spent a week visiting.

Last Thursday evening I came up to Sheffield, and on Friday Julia and I went on to York to see the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain -- which was jolly good. Some of you might enjoy going to see them.

Saturday and Sunday was spent assembling flat-pack furniture from a well-known Scandinavian retailer, and now Julia has lots more storage for her clothes.

On Monday we both went down to see my mother in Devon for a few days. While we were there I sent Julia and Mother off to go clothes shopping together while I went to see my brother, and to study his slow computer. I'm accustomed to sitting down in front of a slow computer, removing a shedload of unwanted software and updating the anti-malware provision, and then releasing a much faster machine back to the user. But in this case there was hardly anything unwanted running... and physical memory was still bumping up around 80% used and it was spending all its spare time swapping. A few moments with an online retailer followed, and this morning some new RAM arrived and I was able to demonstrate the difference between Vista-on-512MB-RAM and Vista-on-2048MB-RAM, giving him another couple of years use out of his machine for about forty quid.

Back in Sheffield tonight, and a lovely Indian meal, mmmmmm. Home tomorrow morning.