October 30th, 2009

unhappy mac


I think my living room telly has just died.

Edit (20:23): I've retrieved the telly from my bedroom (which I never use) and installed it in the old one's stead. Sadly this telly is only half the size (14-inch 4:3 instead of 28-inch 16:9), but it'll do for the moment.

It takes seven days for Asda to say "fuck off"

October 22nd, from me to Asda:
    I wanted to buy two twelve-packs of 200mg ibuprofen and a ten-pack of Beechams hot lemon, and was refused at the checkout with the till giving the message "limit:2". It's correct that there's a limit (by law) of two packets of ibuprofen, but there aren't any ingredients in common between the ibuprofen and the Beechams, and no reason in law why the two shouldn't be sold in combination. Apparently, to be an Asda customer, I have to choose between painful knees and painful sinuses, and can't solve both problems at once. This took place at Atlantic Village, Bideford -- but your staff there told me that it was a group-wide policy brought in to satisfy the relevant law. In fact your policy has misread the law concerned. I wonder if I should simply shop with some other retailer?

October 29th, from Asda to me:
    Thank you for your email.
    I'm sorry to hear you are unhappy with the policy we have in place which limits customers to only buying 2 items of medication.
    When customers are purchasing any medication it currently flags up an limit alert on the checkout when the item is scanned to prompt all checkout colleagues to make sure the customer they are serving are not purchasing over two items of medication.
    I've passed your comments onto our pharmacy team here at ASDA House so they are aware of your comments.
    Thanks again and if there is anything else I can help you with please let me know.

Which, being translated, says "this is Asda repeating stuff you already know; I've passed your message on." No guidance on whether or not I should shop with someone else instead, which suggests that they don't care.

In other news, Sainsburys persists in allowing me to buy stuff I need.