November 20th, 2009

Cocaine, Mrs Doyle

A crossword clue

Further to a discussion elsewhere about crossword clues, I wondered how many people would get this one?

Poll #1487975 Crossword clue

"Starting-point for train-spotting", 7 letters

As is usual with these things, if you have an answer and it's not right, you may be unsure as to whether it's right or not. If you have an answer and it's right, it ought to be absolutely evident to you that you have the right answer.

I'll screen comments to save your guesses becoming public, but I'll unscreen them after the weekend. Comments unrelated to guesses might get unscreened rather sooner.

(16:28) Edit: thus far no-one has the correct answer, although the two most popular answers each have one letter correct.

(16:40) Edit: And darth_tigger has got it. But the rest of you can keep guessing, please.

(Sunday, midnight) Edit: All comments now unscreened. See here for the answer.

Quote of the day

From Channel 4's "Countdown", today...

Presenter, to repeatedly successful contestant: "We think we've discovered the secret of your success -- you have an iced bun before each show. Is that superstition, or ...?"

Contestant: "No, I just like iced buns."