November 25th, 2009

complaint, forgot, can't remember

The Creative Process

Here's an insight into the creative process in my kitchen:

1. Go shopping. Buy a couple of bits of fish, one of those bags of salad leaves, and a little bottle of Caesar dressing.

2. Get home. Arrange the leaves on a plate.

3. Make some home-made salad dressing (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup).

4. Cook the fish. Put the fish on the plate next to the leaves.

5. Dress the leaves with the home-made salad dressing.

6. Look in confusion at the bottle of Caesar dressing stood nearby on the worktop.

7. Shrug. Eat.

The details of the process vary from meal to meal, but the essential structure remains the same.

Pending deletion...

I'm tidying up my friends list (which I do occasionally, especially when the list of friended accounts exceeds 500 and my profile page breaks). I'm only removing accounts or communities which haven't had any activity for years.

On this occasion, as part of the process I've also deleted a couple of communities for which I'm the sole maintainer -- if there's stuff from them you wanted to retrieve give me a shout, there's about 30 days before their content is wiped and they can't be undeleted.

The NHS at work...

In mid-August I visited Edinburgh, where I stepped off a kerb and knackered my knee. Since then, the NHS timetable has been as follows:

August 18th -- saw my doctor. Discussed knee. Sent for X-ray. X-ray taken.

August 26th -- saw my doctor. Discussed X-ray. Put on monster NSAIDs.

September 22nd -- saw my doctor. Taken off monster NSAIDS before they destroy my liver. Discussed knee. Sent for blood tests.

September 24th -- blood test taken. Await results.

October 8th -- saw my doctor. Discussed blood test results. Blood tests normal. Am told blood tests were nothing to do with knee trouble. Discussed knee more forcefully. Demanded referral.

November 5th -- saw a specialist. Discussed knee. Knee was actually examined. Discussed physiotherapy.

November 30th -- I am to see a physiotherapist.

More news later.