February 5th, 2010

organised, DougS dot TLD

I'm so organised!

I'm so organised.

In the last few days I have:
- Renewed a domain name (not the one in the icon) which was due to expire on Monday, and changed the registrar at the same time.
- Solicited some articles for a prospective fanzine.
- Gone to the pub for SF-nal drinkies.
- Sorted out somewhere for dinner for Julia and I for the 14th.
- Sorted out flights and hotel for Phoneix Con 7.
- Emailed my apologies for the other meeting on March 5th.
- Sorted out hotel for Corflu Cobalt.
- Been quizzed about possibly-fraudulent activity by the Halifax, and assured them that this bout of uncharacteristic transactions was genuine.

In the next few days, I must:
- Type my recent invoices (see that? invoices plural, for more than one day's work!)
- Go to the pub for birthday drinkies.
- Rehearse some ritual for a meeting on the 17th.
- Visit mother.
- Renew the SSL certificate for the domain for which I've just renewed the DNS.
- Get the car serviced, and renew its MOT.
- Attend Picocon.
- Do some work on those parts of Eastercon programme on which I appear.