March 29th, 2010


My Eastercon programme, let me show you it.

The annual British national science fiction convention is called Eastercon, and takes place over the Easter weekend.

This year, the 61st Eastercon is called Odyssey, and takes place at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, near Heathrow.

My programme appearances are as follows:
  • Friday 16:00 "Hitchhiker Games" -- ZZ9 are running a session of silly games, and I'll be running "Towel Fu".
  • Friday 22:00 "Physics of BDSM" -- lproven and I will be teaching you some science. He's a biologist and I'm a mathematician, I think that making us both do physics is where the BDSM comes in.
  • Sunday 10:00 "Easter Service - Christian" -- It's Easter, one of the principal festivals of the Christian year, and Christians would normally expect to be in Church on Sunday morning. My background draws on Methodist, Anglican, Roman and Reformed traditions, so there should be something recognisable here for most Christians. Eucharist, Holy Communion, Lord's Supper, call it what you will, with myself as Celebrant.
  • Sunday 16:00 "GUFF Trip Report and Candidate Interviews" -- Northern Hemisphere administrator ang_grrr presents her trip report, and then interviews southbound candidates lostcarpark and myself about our respective candidacies.
  • Sunday 19:15 "Harry Plokta and the Half-Cut Prince" -- The SF crossover musical, revised and re-staged from our critical success at <plokta.con> last year.
  • Monday 12:00 "Scrabble Tactics" -- You've got "NO IDEAS" on your rack and your opponent's last word is "SUPERB". What do you do?[1]
  • Monday 21:00 "Bad Sex in SF" -- We have steadfastly scoured our shelves in order to bring you some very badly-written sex scenes. It'll be awful, really very nasty indeed.

Additionally I'm intending to get to the fan-fund auction on Saturday evening where I may be helping out in a vain attempt to prevent myself from spending any money. Otherwise I'll probably be in the bar.

Vote in the GUFF race, if you haven't done so already and you're active in fandom; candidates are lostcarpark and me, and you can find ballot papers and so on here. Voting closes at 23:59 GMT on April 5th.

[1] Play "adonise" alongside "superb" to make "so", "un", "pi", "es" and "re" with 50 bonus points.

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Run my life for me

I arrive at the hotel for Eastercon on Thursday afternoon, in time for a convention which runs from Friday through to Monday.

However, Thursday (being the first Thursday of the month) is also the date of the Tun.

So I could dump my stuff at the hotel, and travel into London to go to the Tun. Or, alternatively, I could stay at the hotel and sit around in the bar there.

Julia doesn't anticipate going to the Tun.

Poll #1544680 Run my life for me

Should Douglas go to the Tun on Thursday?


I (the poll respondent) shall be...

At the Tun on Thursday
In the Eastercon hotel bar on Thursday
Attending Eastercon
Not attending Eastercon
Nowhere near, since I'm unable to attend Eastercon
Nowhere near, since I'm not a fan
Something else, as described in a comment

Furthest I've been

After loneraven posted about visiting Shetland, I got thinking about the furthest I've been in the four cardinal directions.

Furthest north I've been is somewhere on the A93 between Banchory and Ballater. This was in August 1995, shortly before the Worldcon. Of course if I'd been driving in the opposite direction I'd have been on the other side of the road and therefore a couple of yards further north.

Furthest west I've been (on the ground) is probably on some taxiway somewhere at Washington Dulles International Airport, on various occasions between 2003 and 2006.

Furthest east I've been is where the where the Great Wall of China meets the sea sometime in May 2002.

Furthest south I've been is probably Huntington VA metro station, just outside Washington DC. I've been nearly as far south as that in China, but most of the tourism was either in Beijing, just a bit too far north, or along the wall, further north still. Furthest south here in Europe would be Bilbao, laughably nearby.

Later this year I hope to be going to New Zealand and Australia, which will smash my existing records.

[Edit: Northernmost is 644km away; Westernmost is 5890km away; Easternmost is 8350km away; Southernmost is quite near to Westernmost, at 5875km.]