May 8th, 2010


In the chair. And, also, in the chair.

Well, what a busy weekend.

Last night, I was installed into the Chair of Z at my chapter. I almost did this four years ago, but I had to stand down because other things were going on. So this is my first time in this particular chair. Most Excellent!

And tonight, I'm in the chair for tonight's episode of doctorwho. All will become clear in due course. Hurrah!

Now, do I use the Freemasonry icon or the Doctor Who icon? Hmmm.

Great insights

My great insight for today: When playing Wii Bowling, there's no sense in sitting down after you've had your go, because your next go comes around just too quickly and it's not worthwhile.

I'm going to be so fit, really soon now.

We're watching "Family Guy" on BBC3.

Julia: "So when you kneed me in the head, were you channelling Peter Griffin?"

Me: "Well, I see Peter Griffin as an excellent role model."

Julia: "You mean that, even though he's a bumbling incompetent, he's got a really hot bird?"

Me; "I've got the really hot bird already, I'm working my up towards bumbling incompetence."

Julia: "..."

Me: "Was that the right answer?"

Julia: "... Yes."