June 10th, 2010

unhappy mac

Receiving spam...

I'm currently [mainly] receiving spam to just two addresses that are in current use.

Hopeful emails from potential mail-order brides in Russia arrive for dnsadmin@ -- an address which appears in the whois record for my various domains, a favourite route for people harvesting addresses for spam address books. I'm not terribly fussed about this -- it's entirely expected, and legitimate emails for dnsadmin@ will only come from my registrar so it's very easy to filter the others.

Poorly-worded dodgy-link-laden adverts for techie toys arrive for fandom@ -- the usual address I use when signing up for conventions. So possibly someone administering a membership list or managing a programme suffers from leaky security, or possibly someone's included that address in a CC: which has gone additionally to some third party with a compromised system. They're also very easy to filter, but I'm really very disappointed indeed about this -- it's very likely that this happened because someone did something careless.

Someone at Google needs to be fired today

Amongst my specialties are such diverse elements as advising companies on the usability and accessibility of their websites, and explaining to them how making changes to their website which lead to the website being less usable and less accessible is really really stupid.

Today, Google is being really really stupid.

Changes which destroy usability and accessibility need to have a usable and accessible opt-out which is easy, which is quick, and which actually works.

Google, today you fail.