August 15th, 2010


NZ/OZ 2010 part 5 -- Auckland to Wellington by train.

Sheffield types who like the noodle restaurants on London Road might like to visit the No.1 BBQ Restaurant in Commerce St, Auckland NZ. Yum.

Another early start for us on Saturday, getting the train from Auckland to Wellington, which only runs once a day, takes twelve hours to do the journey, and leaves at 07:30 from the railway station just behind our hotel.

This rail journey goes through all sorts of wonderful scenery and impressive engineering, including the Raurimu Spiral, where the train climbs 132 metres in 6.8km of track, travelling about 2km as the crow flies; the National Park, where you can see all three of the central North Island volcanoes; and KiwiRail's butter chicken (supplied by the boys and girls at, which is better than anything British Rail can supply to its standard class travellers.

Sunday is for office admin and laundry, and is likely not to be blogged.