May 6th, 2012


That wedding

So yesterday, julia_winolj and I got married.

Julia and I would like to thank a whole bunch of people, people who have grasped what kind of people we are and what we were trying to achieve.

The staff at the Hilton Hotel in Sheffield were excellent, listening to our concerns and doing their best to meet them. Christian and Erica Ward, our photographers, were a pleasure to work with. The people at both Partyrama and A Quarter Of did everything they could to help us get our chests of pirate treasure together. The ceilidh band Roger the Badger, and the caller they brought with them, were excellent. Theresa at Rossetti Couture did a wonderful job with Julia's dress.

But far and away the best thing at the wedding (apart from Julia herself, and the fact that we ended up married) was the wonderful cake made by Alice at Alice Rose Cakes and Cookies, which was astonishingly good. See this video (and other photos) from johannes_d.

With each of our suppliers, it's hard to imagine how we could have chosen better.