Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

TCASU pictures

The before-and-after shot is here:

All the photos I'm linking to in this writeup are 640x480 and between 28Kb and 64Kb in size. The originals are 1600x1200, typically 300-400Kb each, and are available if you ask me nicely.

I went to TCASU with two of my brothers -- so the party comprised Peter, Richard and me.
On the first night I went to the pub in Dublin to meet a bunch of fans, where Caitriona demonstrated her fannish credentials with the assistance of Liam's palm, I got a photo of Helena's beautiful ring, and Robert sat in the corner, not saying much. Max was heard to say "Make the most if it, it won't be there after the weekend". I demonstrated that trick I do with a kebab, but the audience was unimpressed. I returned to Peter's house and found Rover and Henry having a case conference. The following morning, the three of us and Henry headed for the convention, where Richard wowed the ladies with his natty outfits. I was asked to look after Bill as part of a distinctly odd opening ceremony. The fans all enjoyed themselves, each in their usual ways. It's surprising what you can pick up at a convention like this. Apparently, some people got their heads shaved -- what mad fools they must have been. Richard sort of half joined in. It's good that no-one minds when two fans turns up in the same outfit, or when one fan's outfit looks so much better than another's. Somehow a room-party doesn't seem complete unless Tobes pours calvados into his ear. The party for Sproutlore's tenth birthday was good -- but as usual, there's always some fool who turns up in a home-made hat. And now, you're all going to have to click on each of those links because you won't know if you appear in any of the photos until you do.

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