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The real story behind the Novas

It was Novacon last weekend, and it's the convention at which the prestigious Nova awards are presented for excellence in fannish activity. They were won by peteyoung for Zoo Nation (best fanzine), HH-fishlifter (best fan writer), and frostfox (best fan artist).

Now we know that frostfox and HH-fishlifter are both babes, and hence deserving of our vote.
But peteyoung? He was surprised to have won. Is he a babe?

This is a conversation amongst fans overheard at a room party shortly before voting closed on Saturday evening.

Fan 1: "You know, that Pete, he's quite attractive."
Fan 2: "Well, I can't see it."
Fan 3: "Oh, he's a babe."
Fan 4: "Definitely."
Fan 3: "Oh, yes."
Fan 5: "Babe, certainly."
Fan 6: "He's a babe alright."
Fan 3: (shouts) "Hey, Fan 7!"
Fan 7: "Hmmm?"
Fan 3: "Pete Young. Is he a babe?"
Fan 7: "Oh, he's a babe, he's a babe."

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