Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Quoted in Chat.

Chat log:

DougS (16:56:32): I wrote a poem once, ...
Scarlatti (16:56:37): I know you did.
Scarlatti (16:56:50): And since you're OCD, you're going to locate it now.
DougS (16:56:57): No.
Scarlatti (16:57:03): But you considered it?
DougS (16:57:08): No.
Scarlatti (16:57:26): You have it memorized, then.

As if I'd do that. Goodness me.

She carefully addressed the box in letters tall and wide.
She folded up her body and she packed herself inside.
But as she lay in darkness cramped, she couldn't quite decide
Just how the parcel tape she'd bought could ever be applied.

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