Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The Day Today

I was expecting a nice day at the office today, tinkering with Nagios and doing telephone support.

I was just settling in when Boss A rang. He's at Client C, where we're setting things up for the client to take over another underwriter in runoff.
He tells me that a user from UIR is coming in this afternoon to test the setup (no-one told me), the system isn't ready (it is), it's not documented (it is) and no-one knows how it works (everyone knows but him) and could I please drop everything and come to London and sort it out. I speak briefly to Iain from Client C's IT dept -- he tells me that everything is fine -- and then he transfers me back to Boss A, who tells me to come in anyway.
In I go.
It's all fine, everything works just as everyone expects it to, just as it's described in the documentation. The UIR guy turns up and tests everything -- it's perfect.
Which means I've spent all day standing around to please Boss A when I could have been doing something useful.

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