Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Chat log.

Scarlatti (23:13:14): You float my boat. You rock my socks.
DougS (23:13:30): Do you want your socks rocked?
Scarlatti (23:13:41): Well, maybe not *large* rocks....
DougS (23:14:07): Pebbles?
Scarlatti (23:14:24): Not sure how much pounding these socks can handle...
Scarlatti (23:14:54): Take 'em down to the river and pound 'em on the rocks. :D
DougS (23:15:20): Or go down to the police station, and rock them on the pound.
Scarlatti (23:15:31): You're going to impound my socks? :O
DougS (23:15:41): Toed away!
Scarlatti (23:15:45): #-o
DougS (23:15:52): :))
Scarlatti (23:16:04): You'll foot the bill when it's time to bail them out?
DougS (23:16:04): I'm brilliant, I am!
DougS (23:16:17): I'm a shoe-in!
Scarlatti (23:16:24): Darn the luck.
DougS (23:16:32): (perhaps I'm a heel)
DougS (23:16:43): Oh Sole Mio
Scarlatti (23:16:45): All this arch commentary...
DougS (23:16:56): At least we're doing it instep.
Scarlatti (23:17:26): Boo. You beat me.
DougS (23:17:33): \:D/
Scarlatti (23:17:33): I can't think of more.
DougS (23:17:49): I found your achilles heel.
Scarlatti (23:18:07): You already used heel.
DougS (23:18:25): That was slipshod.
Scarlatti (23:18:26): No, I think you've nailed this one.
DougS (23:18:53): I've been stocking up ...
DougS (23:18:58): ... on corny jokes.
DougS (23:19:35): It's callous of me ...
DougS (23:19:40): ... but you're hosed.
Scarlatti (23:20:02): I think you'll have a tendoncy to win these matchups.
Scarlatti (23:21:30): You seem pleased.
DougS (23:21:37): I am.
Scarlatti (23:21:51): Go pedal it somewhere else. :D

So I did.

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