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About the weekend

(well, the bit where I wasn't at work)

I got home from work on Saturday evening, and collapsed on the sofa with the Laptop, to get online with scarlatti.
We discussed books and religion (honestly!) and then I dialled up the curry-house for dinner to be delivered.
When the curry arrived (Kashmiri King Prawn with banana and pineapple) I went into the kitchen to dish it up ... and the kitchen was all clean! Seems that the Stepson had made good use of his Saturday. So copious thanks to him.

Sunday I wanted to go to both services at Church (Anglican at 9:15, Free at 11:00) because I was working on the posts about the liturgical calendar and wanted to get some liturgy into me, something that we Free Church people don't usually get. I turned up at church at about five past nine, and the place was deserted! Odd. I pressed my nose against the glass door to read the notices inside -- there was to be a joint service at 10:30, celebrating the anniversary of partnership between the two congregations. I could so easily have been a half-hour late for that!

After Church I went shopping, having missed out on doing so yesterday. Because of the talk of books last night, I went to our local branch of Ottakar's to look at bibles ... and discovered that on Sundays the place is taken over by gamers! I had to shake 16 or more on a D20 before they let me out. But I found an intriguing bible I'd not seen before, and a perfect Christmas present for someone.

Via the supermarket for bread and milk and stuff, and then home for Cumberland Pie and Rhubarb Crumble, very nice.
And then an afternoon catching up on my reading, writing and Chatting while the laundry goes round in the machine.

I think weekends should last for two days, that would work a lot better.

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