Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Competition and Prizes after the birthday drinks

As you may know, there is some drinking to be done on my Birthday, Friday 27th September, at the Ben Crouch in Wells Street, off Oxford Street, London.

The difficulty which faces me is as follows:
If I drink too much (as is the intention), I can't drive home.
If I stay until closing time (as is the intention), I will have missed the last train home.

The proposed solution is as follows:
There will be a competition.
I will offer a free Saturday morning's computer and network consultancy to the lucky winner, for use on their home computers.
To have a chance to win this highly valuable prize, all you have to do is:
 a) Be someone I know.
 b) Live in or near London.
 c) Take me home with you after the pub shuts.
 d) Find me a bit of floor to sleep on.
 e) Ply me with strong coffee in the morning.
If your computer problems are particularly intractable or entertaining, I might even have lunch and carry on consulting into the afternoon.
You may enter by commenting on this post.

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