Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

A matter of principle

Boss A is leaving the company.

There are some loose ends to tie up, so it'll be a while -- apparently he'll be going around the end of January.

In other news, I've had long conversations with Boss B about the possible ramifications of one of my recent LJ posts. It won't be difficult to guess which one. He's concerned that its existence may have an effect on the company's relationship with Client C. He may be right -- but I was scrupulously careful not to write anything which explicitly identifies the client, or which casts them in a bad light in any way. I can't be held responsible for anything that Client C's engineers might say to each other amongst the comments to that post*, and I can't be held responsible for any of Boss A's actions which may prejudice that relationship.
*EDIT: Two of those comments have subsequently been deleted one engineer, the [anonymous] other two have been screened at the other engineer's request.

Anyway, I've told Boss B that I can't conceive of any circumstances in which I'll be deleting the post, friends-locking it, filtering it, or making it private. I do not anticipate hearing any arguments which persuade me to do so. I'm prepared to discuss whether further explanatory posts are in order, but I'm not in the market for having that post -- or any other posts on this topic -- censored. I've told Boss B that if the existence of the post compromises the relationship with Client C to the extent that the company becomes unable to sustain my employment, then they'll have to come to terms with that. I already have.

Principles or practicalities? It's principles, every time. No contest.

It'll be interesting how this plays out.

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