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... for which ceremony he is properly prepared.

Yesterday evening was ... interesting.

Hogarth Lodge is not a very large lodge -- we typically have about twelve to fifteen members at our meetings. Last night we were missing our Worshipful Master, Junior Warden and both Deacons. And we had a candidate prepared for a first degree ceremony. And we had a bunch of emminent Oxfordshire masons visiting, including a Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon, who happened also to be MEZ of Hogarth Chapter, where I am J.

No Worshipful Master, so what could we do? We took a visitor and used him to replace the Assistant DC, and got the poor hapless ADC to take the chair and conduct the ceremony.

That would have been me, then.

So with an acting Junior Warden and acting Senior and Junior Deacons, I conducted a ceremony I last did about three years ago, and which I've studied hardly at all in the intervening time. With Oxfordshire watching.

Interesting, as I say.

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