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IANAL, AKIOLJ, and what's happening at work

The company is closing, and Boss A and Boss B are splitting the proceeds.

In fact, what's happening is that Boss A is taking over the company as of 1st January, with the intention that it will have ceased trading by this point, and he will then wind it up, a process which will take a few months. There is some money changing hands between Boss A and Boss B as part of this transaction.

Meanwhile, Boss B alone will have set up another company in its stead. Boss B tells me that the new company is intending to offer to each of the clients of the original company to take over the support role previously occupied by the old company. He also tells me that the new company is intending to employ me, in a position identical to my existing one.

I've been asked to write a letter of resignation from the old company. The intention is that I shall cease to be employed by the old company as of 31st December. I joined the old company at the beginning of November 1997, six years and a few odd weeks ago.

It should be noted that the old company isn't being wound up until a few months after this date.

Opinions invited. If anyone has some professional qualification or capacity which might incline me towards giving more weight to their opinion, it would be helpful were they to disclose the same.

Oh, and merry Christmas, everybody.

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