Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

New meme: About my name

moominmuppet wrote about her name and my comment became long enough for a top-level post.

Douglas is Gaelic, and means "Dark Water". It has all sorts of resonances with moodiness and profundity and pagan naturalistic nourishment and power and I'm very comfortable with them, I think they suit me quite well.

Spencer is the name I inherited, and it takes its rise from a trade -- the distributor. I'm the person who dishes it out.

So that makes me a distributor of moody but profound thoughts.
Seems to make sense.

I played with anagrams of my name and came up with "a coldness purge", which I didn't like much, so I tried again and got "spangled course", which became the title of a collection of my poetry.

Shortened forms? Well, I get called Doug, or Doogie (long oo) or Duggie. And, more recently and by people who know me better online, I get called Dougs (pronounced like "dugs", ho ho) or Doug-S. I'm comfortable with all of these. So long as I know that it's me that they mean, that's fine.

My mother was very fond of Burl Ives, and particularly of a song from the film "Summer Magic". It tells of a misfit who manages to find a crowd that he fits in with. A bit like me and SF fandom. As a result of this song, and the fact that its title rhymes with my diminutive, she called me uglybug. Occasionally, she still does. It feels good, it has some pleasant associations.

One more thing left to say: My middle name is Ian, so my initials are DI. In July 1981, the Prince of Wales married the daughter of the late Earl Spencer, a girl called Diana. The media referred to her occasionally as Lady Di. It was the cause of much amusement to some people that my name could be misinterpreted as hers, and vice versa. I wasn't among the people who found it amusing.

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