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Christmas presents, given and received

Not very many in either direction, as it's not something that I really do.

As I've been going round visiting I've taken bottles of stuff to hosts/hostesses this year, and today when I went to my cousin's house (also, incidentally, the house of my mother's boyfriend's son), I took a mixed bag of large scented candles for all in attendance to argue over and divvy up, a gift which involved very little thought or forward planning but which was guaranteed to be well received. I gave my mother a collection of things involving ginger. And a week ago, I gave flick something "small and thoughtful", something which I hope fits closely with one of her more obvious fandoms.

In return, I've received a book all about Magic, a history of Middlesex Freemasonry, a couple of small ornaments, a Tantrix starter kit of ten tiles, and absurd quantities of biscuits, chocolate and confectionery most of which will be disappearing down my neck before the Stepson gets back from Wales. And a week ago, I received from flick something "small and thoughtful", a mechanical automaton which takes the form of a dancing wooden robot birdspotter, a totally delightful piece of machinery which drags my inner geek to the surface and makes me wear a huge grin.

And next week, I'll be taking a small number of gifts to DC. None of them for Christmas, of course -- perhaps they're glad-to-see-you presents, or thank-you-for-having-me presents, or I-saw-this-and-thought-of-you presents. I hope they work as well as the ones I've mentioned above.

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