Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

A new career?

A cousin's wife told me today that she thinks I should become a children's entertainer.

You see, when one of the children unwrapped a boxful of modelling balloons, three or four of the adults said, practically simultaneously, "Oh, Douglas will show you how to do that".

Now it's been about five years since last I made any balloon models. But I picked up a balloon, stretched it, blew it up, made a few twists, and there was a French Poodle. I picked up another, and a few moments later, there was a swan. Another became a rabbit. I got adventurous, did a teddy-bear complete with baloon-modelled eyes and ears and nose, and carrying a parcel. All from one balloon, you understand.
And apparently, the children watched with fascinated attention. Apparently it's the longest they've been stood still and quiet all week. But I never noticed. I just picked up the balloons and played. Some skills don't go away, even after five years of disuse.

They drifted away to their other toys, and left me playing. I'm a big kid at heart.

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