Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Another one gone.

Cory Thompson, "Mr T", the man behind, died on December 21st. He was 39.

Rachel Paine writes:
It is with deep regret that I must tell everyone that on December 21, 2003, Cory Thompson (aka Mr. T) died at the age of 39.
Cory’s vision and art have influenced us all in one way or another both as fans & as people within this industry. He was not a person that followed the beaten path. Instead, he followed his heart & mind, cutting a path that many admired and followed. He was a passionate artist that imspired so many of us to accept ourselves, pursue different paths or to simply enjoy what we saw in his images. We will miss him greatly and his art, passion, wit and that crazy hardheadedness that simply defined him will not be forgotten.
There is no picture update this week, however, there will be an update next week. The future of this website after the next two updates will be determined by Cory’s family. At this point in time, I do not know if it will remain open or not. Any information concerning this will be posted as soon as I know of it.
Rachel Paine,

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