Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

About that flight ...

(for the next ten days, I'll be posting in funny-foreign timezone. Normal service resumed late on the tenth.)

I got on the plane, made my way back to row 31 and took my seat. We'd been in the air about ten minutes when Sam Milburn, Cabin Services Director, came and said "Mr Spencer? If we could just have a word ... it seems that we have a note here about you from Mr Young. If you'd like to head through here, I think seat 13K is free."
So now I'm flying Club Class for the first time. Many thanks to peteyoung for looking after me so well.

In-flight entertainment:
</i>"Natty dresser! Are you English?"
"No, I'm gay."
"Well, it's the same thing."
"You know, if that weren't true I'd be offended."</i>

[EDIT: the following paragraph is nothing to do with the preceding one.]
In case there's any doubt, you should all be aware that I'm delighted to be here. It took us about 20 minutes to get our tongues out of each other's mouths so that I could get online and post this. There's someone sat at my right as I type saying "That's a little direct ..."

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