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Progress today with scarlatti and me

Today we have been mostly watching some old MPEGs I found on the laptop's HDD.
It's surprising what you find when you go rooting round on a hard disk you've been using for eighteen months.
There's a big folder full of movies involving contortionists, which is something she knew I enjoyed, and which she therfore hopes to be learning about later. I found another few movies involving some dancers who carry perhaps an ounce or two more than the average dancer. We liked those a lot. And finally there was another folder which contained some ... other footage. Gulp. We watched some of that too. Perhaps when we're both feeling a little better, when we've both shrugged off the cold I imported on my arrival, we'll do something which doesn't involve playing old MPEGs on the laptop. We hope so.

In other news, I can now quote a bit of chat that took place in real life, and not via Y! Messenger.
"If I find my jeans have worn out in just that spot, I'll know who to blame."
"Well, I was intending to feel you without your jeans on."
"Ah, well that'll save wear and tear ... on the jeans."

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