Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Last night

[ typed on the plane to post upon landing]

I'm afraid it's time for another bout of bedroom-related TMI. An executive summary rather than a blow-by-blow account, but some people still might wish to skip this.

scarlatti is good at pressing my buttons. Very good indeed. She knows what one of my key areas of focus is, one of my top turn-ons, and she can work it like a master. In fact, she's been doing so very capably for much of this week.
By contrast, while I know what her key area of focus is, it's unfortunately not something that I can work particularly well. The intention is there, but of what use are good intentions in the bedroom, when a failure to carry them through to completion is so frustrating?
Well, let it be here recorded that on the last night of my visit, I managed to do something for her which, for one reason or another, I'd previously failed to do. And there was much rejoicing. It's not as if the trip would have been accounted a failure had this not happened -- but the fact that it has happened means that we can both see the trip as much much more successful.

Apologies for the TMI. Just be grateful that you didn't have all the details.

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