Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

The flight home

[ typed on the plane to post upon landing]

Well, that was an entertainment.
Greg picked Susan and I up from the hotel at just gone half past five local time this morning, and delivered me at IAD just before half past six.
Check-in was ... Different. I'm used to putting the bags on the scales and watching then being whisked backwards onto a conveyor and disappearing until they fall off the end of Baggage Reclaim at Heathrow. On this occasion, we were conducted behind check-in so that we could watch -- and they could watch us -- while our checked baggage was X-rayed and some of it was searched.
On the way to the gate, our hand baggage was searched twice, once on the way to the shuttle and once at the gate itself. And on each occasion the passangers were metal-detected and certain individuals -- including myself, twice as before -- were searched quite thoroughly.
Once through the gate, and having passed from the care of the Land Of The Free into that of British Airways, we were once again treated like normal human beings. And I think I'll be quite pleased, once we land, to be once again safely in the arms of the constitutional monarchy in which I'm a citizen with human rights, instead of an alien in a police state.

Next time, I'm seriously considering flying both scarlatti and myself into some neutral third country, such as Canada.

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