Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote,
Douglas Spencer

Advice sought on how to word an advert

As some of you know, my new car arrives in a week or two.
Once I've got my new car, I'll need to dispose of the old one, and I'm wondering exactly how to word the advert.
Someone here is bound to have sold a car recently, and I'll be grateful for any advice.

The advert is likely to read as follows:
"Citroen AX 1.4 diesel, 140,000 miles, L-registered (January 1994), totally knackered car.
It leaks oil. It leaks water. It loses compression if you brake hard when it's in neutral.
The front bumber is detached on the driver's side and the driver's seat is not securely attached to the chassis.
One of the light clusters -- at the back on the left -- is broken, and the radio does not work.
But it's still got all its windows and mirrors, the sun roof and brakes work, and it's red, which is nice.
Free if you're a schoolteacher running a class in car maintenance, but £500 if you're a gullible would-be mechanic."

Now tell me honestly, is this likely to sell?

Of course, if anyone here wants a car like this, just say so ...

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