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Way TMI: Fetish meme

(unusual to see a friends-only post from me)

ninneviane linked to this fetish quiz.
It asks for way too much information, and provides way too much in return.

It came up with a couple of hundred words of description about me in addition to my scores. The narrative was about two-thirds accurate, I think the scores got it right about as often as they got it wrong.

Have a go. You might find it fun.

This is what it said about me:

You prefer mostly females, but some males catch your interest. You enjoy watching people, and learning about them -- sometimes just asking a lot of questions, other times you get a little more sneaky. You don't always want to spread around what you see ... you just like to see it. Clothing is an important part of your sexual fantasies. Materials like latex, vinyl, and leather probably excite you a great deal. Possibly left over from your childhood experiences is your interest in spanking. Spanking is not child's play to you. It holds a deep place in your fantasies. You probably have quite a collection of bondage gear ready to use right now. Your interest in sensations can be light or it can get bloody hard -- literally. But you enjoy it all the same. You become aroused when you reveal information about yourself, or perform a sex act in a public or semi-public setting. Your mouth is a sacred area that houses a variety of sensations and desires for you. You enjoy having things in your mouth, and you enjoy teasing your tongue with a variety of different stimulation. You enjoy playing with gags. You may enjoy thoughts of someone inserting their hand into the body of someone else. You like sucking on fingers ... whether they are your own or those of your partner. Thoughts of sucking on toes provides a real turn-on for you. What else can be said? You enjoy getting yourself off. Don't we all?

EDIT: Added a third column with comments.
CategoryScoreMy comment
Dominant3 / 5oddly high ... something I don't know?
Submissive4 / 5about right.
Voyeurism4 / 6about right.
Clothing3 / 5Definitely. Mmmm, corsets.
Feet2 / 4About right.
Spanking3 / 5No. I like sensation, but not spanking.
Bondage4 / 4Hahahaha. Yes please.
Humiliation2 / 7No.
Sensation8 / 8Absolutely. As I said above.
Anal1 / 4Strangely low. Should be much higher.
Exhibitionism3 / 5No. Talking about it, yes.
Sleep2 / 7What?
Medical1 / 7Fair enough.
Training2 / 4Meh.
Food2 / 4I really like food. But as food, okay?
Bodyfluids0 / 7No thanks. Well, perhaps I like the way people act when they're being produced.
Roleplaying1 / 6Well, except in "authority" games, which can be fun.
Oral4 / 4Goodness me. Well, I can't argue with that.
Objects2 / 5It all depends what you do with them.
Strangers2 / 4No, it takes me ages to get up to speed with someone.
Rape0 / 4No, absolutely not
Groups1 / 3Not fussed.
Gagging3 / 4No surprises there, for either meaning of the word.
Watersports0 / 5No thanks.
Crushing0 / 5No.
Bestiality0 / 3Fine in cartoons, but not in real life.
Fisting3 / 5Ahem. *tries to look innocent*
Finger sucking3 / 4Can be fun, as an act of submission.
Toe sucking2 / 3Ditto.
Masturbation2 / 3How did that score so well? *baffled*
Asphyxiation2 / 4I don't know where this came from.

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