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Not a great day.

A small handful of things combining to make me grouchy today.

Firstly, I have a second or third installment of this winter's cold. This time round it's manifested itself in a chesty cough and a gunky nose, so I'm doing much with the hot lemon and the Benylin. In addition it's given me a sore head, and has been interrupting my sleep. Boo.

Secondly, my Internet connection has been spectacularly slow for no readily apparent reason for much of today. Usually when NTL are having difficulty it simply won't carry any traffic at all. But this time round, it's just been very very slow, and I'm sure that's a harder thing to diagnose and fix. Partly due to this, Y!M Chat has been practically unusable this afternoon, and I'm therefore feeling even further away from my Chattee of choice. Boo.

Thirdly, I seem to be particularly hard of thinking today. That'll be closely connected to "Firstly" above, then. I'm trying to write, and getting nowhere. I wanted to do the two commentaries I was asked for yesterday and they're just not happening -- and in addition, I wanted to write a short poem today and I can't do that either. Boo.

But on the plus side, the Internet seems to be working again. And I've had Haggis today, which was very welcome indeed. Swings and roundabouts, I suppose.

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